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    120KW/160KW three-phase integrated DC charging pile

    Application scenario: Bus charging station, centralized external operation charging station, logistics park, plant supporting facilities, public facilities supporting facilities, etc
    Installation method: floor mounted

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product description

    ●Adopt ultra-high safety level high-power power module platform, with high
    ●Initiate the module sleep technology and wheel technology to ensure the
    efficient operation of the system;
    ●Intelligent charging process control and perfect charging process monitoring
    and protection;
    ●Charging mode intelligent scheduling, flexible distribution between two guns;
    ●It has a variety of charging methods such as regular charging/quantitative charging/fixed charging/automatic charging
    ●Real-time display the charged amount/charging time/current electricity price/charging price and other information and operation
    ●IP54 high protection level, with perfect charging protection function, AC over / under voltage protection, AC leakage
    protection, DC output over / under protection, output current limiting / over-current protection, over temperature protection,
    battery reverse connection protection, etc., to prevent overcharging of the vehicle, with high safety
    ●RS-485 networking communication interface can be reserved, and optional GPRS networking mode can be provided;
    ●The charging module adopts the hot plug technology, which will not cause the output voltage disturbance of the system when
    connected to the system, and the maintenance is safe and convenient;
    ●Low standby power consumption, saving operating costs
    ●There is 12v/24v auxiliary power supply switching to meet the needs of a variety of vehicles with new
    and old national standards
    ●The system software supports remote and local upgrade functions.

    Function Parameters/Device model
    KW6110B-120/750 KW6110B-160/750
    Product name
    120KW integrated DC
    charging pile

    160KW integrated DC
    charging pile
    AC Input
    AC input voltage range

    Frequency range

    Dc Output


    output voltage range

    Constant power voltage
    DC400V-750V DC400V-750V

    Rated output power
    120 160

    Maximum output

    200/250(single gun) ,Average power output oftwo

    Charging interface

    National standard 9 core

    Charging gun length


    Configuration and

    Output current error

    Output voltage error

    The man-machine display

    7-inch color touch screen

    Charging operation

    Swipe card/scan code/password (customizable)

    Measurement and billing

    DCelectricity meter

    operation instructions

    Power supply, charging, fault

    Communication methods

    Ethernet (GPRS optional)

    Heat dissipation control

    Forced air cooling

    Protection grade

    BMS auxiliary power supply

    so000 hours

    Altitude ≤2000

    operation ambient

    Storage ambient temperature

    Mean relative humidity

    Optional item

    The above*options can be customized.

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