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    27KW AC and DC Integrated Charging Machine

    Application scenarios: Park supporting facilities, underground parking lots, private parking spaces, etc
    Installation method: floor mounted and wall mounted

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product description

    ●With AC and DC charging interface, to meet a variety of charging needs;
    ●It adopts 4.3-inch high-resolution color touch screen display, which is operated by touch keys, and the human-computer interaction interface is simple to operate;
    ●Low standby power consumption, saving operating costs
    ●12v/24v auxiliary power supply switching to meet the needs of a variety of vehicles with new and old national standards
    ●The charging methods and modes are diversified, including three charging modes of swiping card / scanning code / VIN code and four charging modes of automatic charging / fixed time / fixed amount / fixed power;
    ●Intelligent charging process control and perfect charging process monitoring and protection make the charging operation easier
    ●Adopt incoming switch with leakage protection function and install emergency stop button;
    ●The shape adopts sheet metal structure, high strength, anti-aging, IP54 protection grade

    Function Parameters/ Device model KW6110A-20/75O+EVA-O7
    Product name
    27KW ACand DcIntegrated Charging Machine


    lnput voltage range

    Frequency range
    DC Output

    output voltage range

    Maximum output current


    Charging interface

    National standard 7 core/National standard 9 core

    Charging gun length


    Number of charging guns

    Two guns

    Charging mode

    lndependent charge

    Configuration and

    Output current error

    output voltage error

    The man-machine display

    color touch screen

    Charging operation

    Swipe card/scan code/password (customizable)

    Measurement and billing

    Time-sharing billing

    Operating instructions

    Power supply,charging, fault

    Communication methods

    Ethernet(GPRS optional)

    Heat dissipation control

    Air cooling

    Leakage protection

    Protection grade


    50000 hours

    Working condition
    Altitude ≤2000

    operation ambient

    Storage ambient temperature

    Mean relative humidity

    Optional item

    The above*options can be customized.

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