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    40kW Three-phase AC charging pile

    Application scenarios: Park supporting facilities, underground parking lots, private parking spaces, etc
    Installation method: floor mounted and wall mounted

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product description

    ● 4.3-inch high resolution color touch screen display, with touch button
    operation, can set the charging mode
    ● The charging methods and modes are diversified, including three charging
    modes of swiping card / scanning code / VIN code and four charging modes
    of automatic charging / fixed time / fixed amount / fixed power;
    ● The single-phase electronic watt-hour meter is used for electrical measurement and communicates with the main
    control board through the RS-485 interface.
    ● A contactless intelligent card reader is adopted to read the relevant information of the IC card and communicate
    with the main control board through the RS-485 interface. The background program of the main control board is
    used to identify the charger, record the user information and calculate the charging cost.
    ● Adopt incoming switch with leakage protection function and install emergency stop button;
    ● The shape adopts sheet metal and part ABS plastic structure, IP54 protection grade.

    Function Paramcters/Device model

    Product namc

    40kW floor type AC charging pilc

    AC Input

    AC input voltagc rangc

    Frcqucncy rangc

    Configuration and
    protection information

    Output voltage rangc

    Ratcd output power

    Maximum output current

    Charging intcrfacc

    National standard 7 corc

    Charging gun length


    The man-machine display

    Color touch scrcen

    Charging operation

    Swipe card/scan codel password

    Measurement and billing

    Time-sharing billing

    Operating instructions

    Power supply, charging, fault

    Communication methods

    Ethernet (GPRS optional)

    Hcat dissipation control

    Natural cooling

    Leakage protection

    Protection grade


    50000 Hours

    Working condition
    Altitudc ≤2000

    Operating ambient temperature

    Storage ambient temperature

    Mcan rclative humidity

    Optional item

    The above * options can be customized

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