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    6-10kV Ring Main Unit, HXGN- 12

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Environmental Conditions

    ◆ Altitude: lower than 1000 m; ◆ Ambient temperature: up to +40°C, greater than -25°C; ◆ Relative humidity: daily average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90% (+25°C); ◆ Areas without risks of fire, explosion, pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration;

    Technical Parameters

    Item Unit Parameter
    Rated voltageMaximum working voltage KV 10/ 12
    Rated current A 630
    Busbar current Incoming cable A 630
    Outgoing cable 125
    Rated short time withstand current KA 20
    Rated peak withstand current KA 50
    Rated closed-loop breaking current KA 50
    Rated mainly active load-breaking current A 630
    Rated cable-charging current KA 20
    Power frequency withstand voltage (1 min) KV 42
    Rated lightening impulse withstand voltage KV 75
    Mechanical endurance Vacuum load break switch times 10000
    Dimension (W×D×H) mm 850×900×2000
    Weight kg 200 ~ 300kg

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