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    7KW Single-phase AC Charging Pile

    Application scenarios: Park supporting facilities, underground parking lots, private parking spaces, etc
    Installation method: floor mounted and wall mounted

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    Product description

    ● The main control board adopts a single chip microcomputer with an embedded operating system. The charging mode is divided into four types: automatic charging / fixed time / fixed amount / fixed power. RS-485 networking communication interface can be reserved, and optional GPRSnetworking mode is provided.
    ● 4.3-inch high resolution color touch screen display, with touch button operation, can set the charging mode
    ● The single-phase electronic watt-hour meter is used for electrical measurement and communicates with the main control board through the RS-485 interface.
    ● A contactless intelligent card reader is adopted to read the relevant information of the IC card and communicate with the main control board through the RS-485 interface. The background program of the main control board is used to identify the charger, record the user information and calculate the charging cost.
    ●Adopt line inlet switch with leakage protection function, and install emergency stop button.
    ●The shape adopts sheet metal and part ABS plastic structure, IP54 protection grade.

    Function Parameters/Device model KW6230A-7/220 KW6250A-7/220
    Product name 7KWWall mounted ACcharging pile 7KWFloor type AC charger
    AC Input AC input voltage range AC220V±10%
    Frequency range 50±5
    Configuration and protection information Output voltage range AC220V
    Maximum output current 32
    Charging interface National standard 7 core
    Charging gun length Customizable
    Output current error ≤±1%
    Output voltage error ≤±0.5%
    The man-machine display Color touch screen
    Charging operation Swipe card/scan code/password (customizable)
    Measurement and billing Time-sharing billing
    Operating instructions Power supply, charging, fault
    Communication methods Ethernet (GPRS optional)
    Heat dissipation control Natural cooling
    Leakage protection 30
    Protection grade IP54
    Reliability 50000 Hours
    Working condition Altitude ≤2000
    Operatina ambient temperature -20-50(℃)
    Storage ambient temperature -40-70(℃)
    Mean relative humidity 5%-95%
    Optional item The above*options can be customized

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