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    Online Exporter China PC-Tzn 500va Relay Control Model AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer / AVR

    AVR series automatic electronic AC voltage stabilizer adopts single-chip microcomputer control circuit to detect, compare and adjust signals. Characterized by small in size, light in weight and good looking in appearance, AVR series stabilizer is popular for its fast running speed, high performance and convenience to operate. It is widely used in the places requiring a stable civil power supply, such as apartments, schools, enterprises, hotels and restaurants, making electric appliances, like illumination lamp,TV set, air-conditioner,?refrigerator, computer and ditto machine, work at a normal condition and extend their service time.

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product features

    adopts single-chip microcomputer control circuit

    Over-Voltage protection

    Delayed startup protection

    Product specification


    Technical Data


    power curve of output

    If The Input Voltage Is In Range of 198-250V.The Regulator Is Able To Provide 100% Listed Maximum Output

    Power. Maximum Output Power Will Change As The Curve Shown Below.


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