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            DJWSJW Microcomputer No-touch Control Stabilizer

            The single/three-phase contactless AC voltage stabilizer utilizes power electronics (thyristor) as its switching device, which is mainly composed of an isolation transformer and a thyristor module. It?consists of CPU control core, fast voltage regulation technology and safety protection device. It is the perfect combination of thyristor switching technology and transformer technology The characteristics of this machine are as following: intelligent chip control, no contact safety, fast voltage regulation, high accuracy, high efficiency and energy saving. It is widely used in testing equipment, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, imported audio, robot, prospecting equipment, CNC lathes, etc

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            Product Features

            It uses DSP arithmetic metering chip control technology, fast AC sampling technology, RMS correction technology,?current zero-crossing switching technology and fast compensation voltage regulation technology, combine smart?meters, fast voltage regulation and fault diagnosis to make products safe, efficient and precise.

            Technical characteristics


            Intelligent LCD instrument display system (display voltage, current, fault, etc.), clear, accurate, high resolution,?membrane button

            operation, safe and reliable.?When the input voltage fluctuates greatly and fluctuates frequently, since the voltage regulation speed is 100

            milliseconds, as long as the regulator's voltage regulation range is wide enough, the output voltage can be kept at?the voltage regulation

            value set by the user, for any production equipment. And the instrument does not produce?the effects of voltage changes. There is also

            no?overvoltage or undervoltage bypass.?When the voltage regulator is turned on, it does not perform the compensation function. After the

            machine is turned?on, the machine fifi rst detects the output voltage value and then performs the corresponding compensation and

            voltage?regulation to avoid the phenomenon that the output voltage is too high or too low when the power is turned?on, and the power

            equipment is burned out.

            Overload capacity:

            It can be used continuously under 100% rated load and can withstand 10 times of current for 10 milliseconds. 3?times of current for

            1 minutedoes not damage the unit.

            Three-phase adjustment:

            Each phase voltage is independently regulated, and does not affect each other. The voltage regulation accuracy is?up to ±1%. And each

            phase can be set separately according to the load needs. If the output voltage value of each?phase is set to be the same, the

            three-phase?output voltage unbalance is less than 1%

            Safety and reliability:

            With overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, short circuit, overheat protection, lightning protection and?fault diagnosis.

            Preset function:

            The output voltage value, protection limit value, voltage regulation accuracy, and voltage regulation speed can be?arbitrarily set.

            Anti-interference ability:

            Control circuit board power supply, sampling, all have high-middle and low-frequency fifi lter circuits, control thyristor?drive circuit

            is also isolated with opt coupler output, can withstand pulse interference signals above 2000V. If the?grid voltage waveform has spikes

            and interference signals, it can be handled with ease.

            Voltage regulation accuracy:

            The voltage of the regulator is sampled by a digital AD chip with a regulation accuracy of ±1%. If the input voltage?waveform is distorted,

            the calculated voltage values are all valid values and will not affect the output voltage?variation.

            Low loss: no-load loss less than 0.5% at rated voltage, saving customers a lot of electricity bills

            Bypass function, easy to maintain: Switch between “regulation” and “bypass direct power supply” for easy?maintenance.

            The service life:

            As the name implies, there is no contact, so there is no contact wear and no wear parts, so the service life is long.

            No sparks:

            Due to its technical characteristics, there is no contact, so no spark is produced. It can be applied to places where?sparks are absolutely

            impossible, such as gas stations, gas stations, refifi neries, etc.?As the name implies, there is no contact, so there is no contact wear and

            no wear parts, so the service life is long.

            No sparks:

            Environmental pollution:

            Non-contact voltage regulator: no pollutants in the structure, low probability of polluting the environment.?The panel diagram is as follows:


            Technical Data


            Product specification


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