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    Emergency lighting distribution electric device

    Electric device distribution can be installed on the power supply cabinet side, and can also be independent in each floor. It provides DC24V power supply for terminal emergency lighting, as well? as providing the system control signal with bearing and relay function,
    ?shown in:
    A)Emergency lighting distribution electric device provides routing and relay for CAN signals by data terminal collection.
    B)Access to front-end centralized power, and then output to the terminal lighting in a controllable way through branch road.

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    Product Detail

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    ● Using imported components and high-end production technology, more efficient and energy saving according to the national standard,; high dielectric strength with the short circuit, overload, over-voltage protection function.
    ● Using the current international advanced data flow automatic control technology, automatically recognize and control data transmission direction.
    ● Zero delay design, automatic detection on serial port signal rate, serial port signal rate self-adaptive.


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