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    GGJ low voltage reactive power intelligent compensation device

    GGJ low-voltage reactive power compensation device using computer-aided design (CAD), the introduction of microcomputer control, intelligent implementation of intelligent tracking compensation, its reasonable structure, advanced technology, widely used in Low-voltage power grid, improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss, improve power supply quality, is a new generation of energy-saving products. Dedicated to the 130-600K VA three-phase transformer reactive power compensation.

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    Product Detail

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    Model and meaning


    Working conditions

    ◆altitude: S 2000m;
    ◆Ambient temperature: -20℃~+45℃;
    ◆relative humidity:≤90% at 20℃;
    ◆installation environment: no harmful gases and steam, no conductive or explosive dust and serious mold.

    Main feature

    ◆Intelligent controller control, full-featured. Reliable performance, automatic compensation; can increase the power factor to 0.9 or more;
    ◆Real-time display power grid power factor, display range: lag (0.00-0.99), ahead (0.00-0.99);
    ◆With over-voltage, harmonic, over compensation, system failure, lack of phase, overload and other comprehensive protection;
    ◆Memory has been set parameters, the system will not lose the parameters after power failure, the grid back to normal, automatically enter the running state, no personnel on duty;
    ◆According to the grid load balance, to take the phase compensation or mixed compensation;
    ◆Anti-interference ability, can withstand the direct input from the grid amplitude of 2000V interference pulse, higher than the national professional standards.

    The main technical parameters

    ◆Rated voltage: 0.38-0.66kV;
    ◆Rated frequency: 50Hz;
    ◆Rated capacity: 1-600kvar;
    ◆Applicable voltage range: (0.85-1.1) times the rated voltage;
    ◆Maximum allowable current: 1.3 times the rated current;
    ◆Control circuit: 1-16 loop;
    ◆Switching time: 1-150S 1 times, adjustable;
    ◆Work: automatic, continuous operation.

    Distribution network detection function

    ◆real-time measurement and the whole point of the record transformer low-voltage side of the three-phase voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, active power, reactive power; voltage and current total distortion rate and 2-25 Subharmonic content;
    ◆RS-232 and RS-485 interface, can be handheld computer data copy, but also through the remote communication function to achieve wireless meter reading, device testing, parameter?settings and time measurement data and records Data reading;
    ◆data analysis function: the operation load data can be analyzed and processed, statistical query; comprehensive analysis of power supply quality, calculate the voltage pass rate, power?supply load rate, reliability and maximum load rate; Query power factor, active power and reactive power; draw each phase voltage, current, power factor curve; print comprehensive?analysis and statistical reports.

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