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    GW1-10 Split / Conjoined Outdoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

    GW1-10 outdoor high-voltage isolation switch is suitable for installation on the line of outdoor high-voltage power distribution equipment, for the purpose of cutting off the line and converting the line when the line has voltage and no load. This product is made up of three separate A three-phase electrical appliance composed of a single-pole isolating switch. Each single-pole isolating switch has the same components, such as base pillar insulator, front and rear static contacts, knife and arc angle, etc.
    Standard GB1985 and its first revision and the requirements of international electrical standards IEC129 and 1EC694 are the replacement products of the current 10kV outdoor isolation switch.
    GW1-12LT outdoor high-voltage isolating switch is a double-column vertical opening type. The manual operating mechanism used is CS8-5D rainproof type, and the electric operating mechanism is CX-6 type. This product is a three-phase common chassis guillotine switch It can be divided into base frame, insulator and conductive part. The base frame is composed of a rotating shaft, a frame welded by a bent plate and an angle steel, and six porcelain insulators are fixed on the base frame, each of which constitutes a pole. The rotating shaft is equipped with three-phase operation.

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    The insulator is used to operate the three-phase knife opening and closing movement. The conductive part is composed of a contact, a knife and a contact seat, and is pressed by a spring. When the switch is opened, the rotating shaft is driven by the operating arm to rotate, so that the operating insulator is upward.
    The blade and the contact are separated against the blade, the blade rotates around the contact base, and the contact moves up to the opening position under the driving of the blade. When closing, the rotating shaft is driven by the operating arm to rotate, so that the operating insulator pulls the switch The knife rotates downward, and drives the contact to rotate after it meets the contact, and then turns to the closing position.

    GW1-10、15、20 ( DW )Model outdoor high-voltage isolating switch technical parameters


    Shape and installation dimensions


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