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    JCM 3 series plastic case circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is a new type of circuit breaker designed and developed by our company using international advanced technology. the circuit breaker is suitable for ac 50Hz or 60Hz, rated insulation voltage 800V (JCM-63 is 500V). Rated operating voltage to 690V (JCM3-100 is 400V-690V) rated current to 800a distribution network circuit, used to distribute power and protect lines and power equipment from overload, short circuit, under voltage and other damage, At the same time can also be used as motor infrequent start and overload, short circuit, under-voltage protection.?Circuit breaker has the characteristics of small size, high breaking capacity, short flying arc, anti-vibration and so on. it is a land and ship Ideal product for use.
    Products in line with GB 14048.2 and IEC 60947-2 standards. and through the CCC certification

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    Product Detail

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    Type and meaning


    Normal working conditions

    Ambient air temperature
    The upper limit value is not more than + 40 ℃, the lower limit value is not less than -5 ℃;
    The average value of 24 hours does not exceed + 35 ℃;
    · installation site elevation does not exceed 200 OM.
    · atmospheric conditions
    Atmospheric relative humidity does not exceed 50% at ambient air temperature of + 40
    ℃: higher relative humidity can be achieved at lower temperatures, with the average
    maximum of the wettest month
    The average maximum relative humidity of the relative humidity is 90% , while the
    average monthly minimum humidity for the month is + 25℃, taking into account
    temperature changes that occur on the product surface
    More than the provisions, users should consult with the factory.
    protection level: 3.
    Installation conditions: vertical or horizontal installation.
    · installation type: Class III


    1. The ratings of circuit breakers are shown in the table below.
    2, Distribution circuit breaker over-current release action characteristics see table 3, (for 30 ℃ each pole at the same time power characteristics).
    3, Motor circuit breaker over-current release action characteristics see table 4, (for 30 ℃ each pole at the same time power
    4, Circuit breaker short-circuit instantaneous protection current setting value see table 5, its accuracy is + 20% . The accessories are divided into four types: shunt release, under voltage release, auxiliary contact and alarm contact; external accessories include rotary handle operating mechanism, electric operating mechanism, etc.

    Technical data


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