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    JCM9LR series residual current operation circuit breaker, the whole series contains 5 kinds of shell specifications, the current coverage is from 40A-800A, and the products are overloaded and short-circuited. Phase loss, over voltage and under voltage. Residual current, power supply side breaking zero automatic? reclosing, automatic tracking and other protections are integrated, and the breaking capacity reaches 85KA, which ensures the reliable opening of the circuit breaker and minimizes the occurrence of accidents. The intelligent control circuit is composed of a single-chip microprocessor, which automatically displays the? working voltage, current, and real-time residual current value. It can also be equipped with a communication 485 interface, which is convenient for users to operate and control remotely and understand the operating status of the circuit breaker in real time. The integrated residual current operation circuit breaker has the characteristics of small size, convenient installation and use, fixed and adjustable operation value, simple operation, etc. It can be applied to users in various places and various environmental needs, and meets various intelligent requirements of smart grid management, especially It is suitable for comprehensive protection of urban and rural power grids at all levels, and is the first choice for the operation of the national smart grid.

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Type and meaning



    ◆Integrated and intelligent residual current circuit breaker integrating three types of residual current protection relay, leakage circuit breaker and electronic moldedd case circuit breaker; Using high-performance 32-bit microprocessor, real-time signal processing and intelligent control;
    ◆Support Chinese liquid product display, friendly man-machine interface and easy operation;
    This product has the functions of remote remote signaling, remote measurement, remote adjustment and remote control;
    ◆This product has special waveform function;
    ◆Comply with DL/T20, communication protocol of residual current circuit breaker;
    ◆In line with GB140482, GB/T32902 and other standards:
    ◆Comply with the two enterprise standards of the State Electricity Corporation "Q/GDW1972 Technical Specification for Low-voltage Circuit Breakers for Distributed Photovoltaic Grid-connected";
    ◆Comply with the State Grid Enterprise Standard "Q/GDVW11289, Technical Specification for Lightning Protection of Residual Current Operated Protectors"

    Normal working conditions

    ◆Ambient temperature -5℃-+40℃ (can be customized for super ambient temperature);;
    ◆When the average minimum temperature of the wettest month with relative air humidity does not exceed 25°C, the monthly average maximum relative humidity of the month does not exceed 90%, and the well filter can detect condensation on the product surface due to temperature changes.
    ◆The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters;;
    ◆Pollution degree class 3;
    ◆Installation category III;
    ◆The external magnetic field of the installation site shall not exceed 5 times of the earth's magnetic field in any direction。


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