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    JLSZK-12F Prepaid High Voltage Combination Transformer

    JLSZK- 12F prepaid high-voltage combined transformer is composed of ZW8- 12 outdoor AC high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker and built-in voltage transformer and current transformer, equipped with a control metering box. JLSZK- 12F prepaid high-voltage combined transformer is suitable for prepaid metering, splitting, combined load current, overload current and short-circuit current in branch and special transformers of rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage 6~ 10kV power system. Due to the particularity of vacuum circuit breakers, it is especially suitable for places with frequent operations and oil- free transformation.?This type of prepaid combined transformer is a combination of a spring mechanism vacuum circuit breaker and epoxy resin vacuum cast voltage and current transformers, and is equipped with an outdoor isolation knife switch, so that the line is obviously disconnected in the state of power failure. point. This kind of circuit breaker has the function of electric and manual energy storage, so that the circuit can also be opened and closed in the case of power failure.

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Model meaning


    Product performance standards

    1.GB 1207-2006 voltage transformer;
    2.GB 1208- 2006 current transformer;
    3.GB311.1- 1997 Insulation coordination of high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment;
    4.GB17201-2007 Combined transformer;
    5.GB 1984-2003 AC high voltage circuit breaker;
    6.GB/T11022- 89 Common technical requirements for high-voltage switchgear and control equipment standards;
    7.DL/T403 12-40. 5KV AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker ordering technical conditions;
    8.IEC56 AC high voltage circuit breaker

    Normal use environment

    1.This product is suitable for 10kV or 6kV three-phase AC power system with a frequency of 50Hz;
    2.Ambient temperature: -35C ~40°C;
    3.Altitude: 2000m and below; .
    4.Relative humidity: daily average relative humidity≤90%,monthly average relative humidity≤90%,daily average saturated vapor pressure: <2.2Mpa, monthly average saturated vapor pressure: < 1.8Mpa;
    5.The earthquake intensity does not exceed magnitude 8;
    6.Anti- pollution class II;
    7.Places without fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and frequent violent vibration.

    Structural characteristics of each main component

    1.The circuit breaker is composed of operating mechanism, conductive circuit, insulation system, sealing parts and shell parts (isolating switch is installed by the user's choice). The overall structure is a three- phase common box type. The conductive circuit is composed of incoming and outgoing line conductive rods, conductive brackets, and vacuum interrupters. The outer insulation is mainly realized by composite silicone rubber, which has good anti- fouling ability. The inner insulation is composed of air and insulation box to form composite insulation, no transformer oil, no sulfur fluoride gas.
    Working principle: The circuit breaker is operated by the same spring operating mechanism. The mechanism or the opening spring drives the three- phase main shaft of the circuit breaker to rotate, and simultaneously pulls the insulating operating rod and the turning wall to open or close the dynamic and static contacts of the vacuum interrupter. So that the circuit breaker is in the open or closed state.
    2.Structural characteristics of dry prepaid high-voltage metering box with ZW8 load switch
    2.1 The outer shell is made of stainless steel or ordinary steel plate, sprayed with UV-resistant outdoor resin, and the product has excellent anti-corrosion performance.
    2.2 The protection current transformer can be configured, when the over-current fault occurs on the line, the circuit breaker will automatically trip.
    2.3 The circuit breaker can be equipped with a manual operating mechanism or an electric operating mechanism. The manual mechanism only has the functions of manual manual opening, closing and over-current protection. The motor mechanism needs independent power supply, in
    addition to electric energy storage, electric opening, closing and over-current protection, it also has manual energy storage, manual opening and closing functions.
    2.4 An isolating switch can be installed on the side of the circuit breaker to form an outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker isolating switch combination electrical appliance, which increases the visible isolation fracture and has a reliable anti-misoperation mechanism chain function.
    The isolating switch adopts manual operation mode and has the following anti- misoperation functions:
    1) When the circuit breaker is in the closed position, the isolating switch cannot be opened;
    2) When the circuit breaker is in the opening position, the isolating switch can only be opened and closed.
    2.5 The composite controller with anti-inrush current function can be installed. When inrush current occurs on the line, it will delay for a period of time to avoid the inrush current and prevent the circuit breaker from malfunctioning. When a fault occurs on the line, the circuit breaker can be quickly disconnected.
    3.The voltage and current transformers are made of epoxy resin vacuum integral casting, suitable for outdoor AC power systems with rated frequency of 50Hz and rated voltage of 6 and 10kV. They are assembled with vacuum circuit breakers to realize the prepaid function.
    Its main technical parameters: rated frequency 50Hz; rated primary current: 5~ 600A; rated secondary current: 5A or 1A; rated secondary voltage: 100V; circuit breaker switching power supply voltage: 220V.

    The main technical parameters


    Shape and installation dimensions


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