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    JP integrated distribution box

    JP series outdoor integrated power distribution box is a comprehensive power distribution device with the functions of metering, outgoing and reactive power compensation. It has the functions of short circuit, overload, over-voltage, leakage protection and so on,The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, economy and practicability, and is installed on the pole of an outdoor column and transformer, and is a new generation of ideal distribution product for urban and rural power grid transformation.

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Model and meaning


    Use environmental conditions

    1、Environmental temperature: -25 degrees, +40 degrees;
    2、Air relative humidity: daily average value is not greater than 90%, the average monthly value is not greater than 90%;
    3、Elevation: no more than 3000m;
    4、Installed in the absence of severe shock and shock, non corrosive gas sites.

    Structural features

    The structure of the case is discrete and horizontal. The shell adopts 2mm high quality non pound steel plate. It is made of multi fold flanging (or stainless steel double sandwich plate with honeycomb structure). It has flame retardance, environmental protection, heat insulation and anti condensation Performance) adopt special stainless steel welding technology, the whole strength of the box is high, the surface is bright and clean, such as the mirror, without leaving the trace of welding seam; the internal installation of beam (plate) is hot-dip galvanized process, to ensure that twenty years without corrosion;The front and back door of the box body is convenient for the user to operate and examine and repair. The door is surrounded by a high elasticity aging resistant sealing strip, and each door is provided with two door locks of light and shade, and the transparent lock is provided with an anti blocking and rust proof rainproof cover; the measuring chamber is fully enclosed closed with a sealing device; the side of the box is equipped with cable lines into the proof of foreign body wear tube, bottom ventilation holes and the cable outlet hole is arranged on the top of a ventilation channel and screen, waterproof, dust-proof, anti rust, anti foreign body function, protection level: IP54.

    The main technical parameters


    Outdoor column installation (below)


    Box structure diagram


    Body size


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