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    KYN61- 40.5(33) Armored removable AC metal- enclosed switchgear

    KYN61-40.5(33)type alternating-current metal-clad and metal-enclosed withdraw-able switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is a indoor complete set of power distribution unit of three-phase AC50Hz and rated voltage of 40.5kV. Used for receiving and distributing the electric energy in power plants, transformer substations, mining and industrial enterprises, etc., it controls, protects and detects the circuits, also is applicable to frequent operation locations. This switchgear complies with GB/T11022- 1999, GB3906-1991, DL404- 1997,etc.

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    Product Detail

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    Main feature

    1. Cabinet structure is of assembly type, the circuit breaker adopts floor type handcart structure;
    2. Equipped with brand new composite insulated vacuum circuit breaker, is featured with good interchangeability,and is simple to change;
    3. The handcart frame is mounted with lead screw nut propelling mechanism, it is able to move the handcart easily, and prevent damage of propelling mechanism caused by misoperation;
    4. All operations can be carried out when the cabinet door is closed;
    5. Interlocking among the main switch, handcart and switchgear adopts compulsory mechanical locking mode, meeting the“five preventions" function;
    6. Cable chamber is large enough, it could connect multi cables;
    7. The fast earthing switch is used for earthing and circuit short-circuit;
    8. Degree of protection of the enclosure is IP3X, and is IP2X when the door of handcart chamber is opened;
    9. The product complies with GB3906-1991, DL404-1997 and refers to the international standard IEC-298.

    Use environmental conditions

    1. Ambient temperature: -10℃~+40℃,mean value measured within 24h should not exceed 35C.
    2. Altitude: not exceed 3000m;
    3. Relative humidity: daily mean not over 95%, monthly mean not over 90%;
    4. Seismic intensity: not beyond Ms8;
    5. Vapor pressure: daily mean not over 2.2kPa, monthly mean not over 1.8kPa.
    6. Ambient environment: the installation site should be free of fire, explosive danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion or severe vibration.

    Vacuum switchgear main technical parameters


    Vacuum switchgear main technical parameters


    Spring operating mechanism main technical parameters


    Switchgear structure features

    Outline dimension of switchgear? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Structural schematic diagram of switchgear
    Outline dimension (W×D×H)? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?A relay meter chamber B bus chamber C circuit breaker chamber D cable chamber 1400x2800x2600(reference)?


    Switch cabinet installation

    Schematic diagram of installation foundation of switchgear
    a、The height of the electrical room:≥4500mm;
    b、Distance from the back of the cabinet to the wall:≥1500mm;
    c、The flatness of the infrastructure:≤1mm/m2;
    d、The part of the foundation pre-buried channel steel above the ground shall not exceed 3mm.;
    e、It can be fixed on the foundation by bolt or welding.;
    f、The weight of switchgear is about 1800kg;
    g、Switchgear operation corridor width (single column): ≥ 3000mm;Double-sided (face to face) ≥ 4000mm


    Example scenario

    Primary wiring schemes of switchgear include 27 typical schemes, meeting users demands on cable incoming and outgoing lines, overhead incoming and outgoing lines tie, measurement and?protection, if?require other schemes, please contact the manufacturer.


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