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    Basic knowledge and maintenance of UPS

    What is an uninterrupted power supply system?
    Uninterrupted power supply system is a kind of uninterrupted, stable and reliable AC power device, which is specially used for computers and other important equipment, so that the equipment can still operate normally when the power supply is abnormal, so that the equipment will not be damaged or paralyzed.


    Advantages and benefits of uninterrupted power system
    Provide power when the power is cut off = > ensure that the computer is safely shut down and the data will not be lost.
    Provide stable voltage = > protective equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
    Noise suppression = > Protection equipment.
    Remote monitoring = > the manager can know the latest status of the uninterrupted system anytime and anywhere; at the same time, it can also convey the message of the uninterrupted system to the relevant personnel through a variety of applications on the network, such as webcast, e-mail and SNMP Trap. The ability of this kind of equipment to inform actively will be able to simplify the manpower to manage a large number of equipment, which can not only save the human resource expenditure of managing equipment, but also reduce the risk of the system.

    Three basic uninterruptible system architectures – Off Line UPS
    ●Usually take the bypass to supply power directly to the load, that is, AC (city electricity) in, AC (city power) out, supply the load power; only when there is a power outage, the battery provides power.
    a. When the city power is normal, the UPS output directly to the load without dealing with the city power, and has poor anti-pitching ability to the city power noise and sudden wave.
    b. With switching time and the lowest protection.
    c. Simple structure, small size, light weight, easy to control, low cost


    Three basic uninterruptible system architectures – Line Interactive UPS
    ●Usually the bypass is output to the load through the transformer, and the inverter acts as the charger at this time; when the power is off, the inverter converts the battery energy to AC output to the load.
    a. With unidirectional converter design, UPS battery recharge time is short.
    b. With switching time.
    c. The control structure is complex and the cost is high.
    d. The protection is between On Line and Off Line, and the sudden wave ability is better for city power noise.


    Three basic uninterruptible system architectures – Online UPS
    ●The power is usually output to the load by the inverter, that is, it is powered by the battery in the UPS all the time. Only when there is UPS failure, overload or overheating will it be converted to Bypass output to the load.
    ●Features: if your power supply environment often causes machine damage due to voltage instability, use on-line UPS, so that the equipment connected to this uninterruptible system can get a very stable voltage.
    a. The power output to the load is processed by UPS, and the output power supply is of the highest quality.
    b. No switching time.
    c. The structure is complex and the cost is high.
    d. It has the highest protection and the best ability to control the noise of city electricity and sudden wave.



    Topology Off-line Line?Interactive Online
    Voltage?Stabilizer X V V
    Transfer?Time V V 0
    Output?Waveform Step Step Pure
    Price Low Medium High

    Capacity calculation method of uninterruptible power system
    At present, the uninterruptible power systems sold in the market are mostly represented by the number of VA. V=Voltage, A=Anpre, and VA are the units of capacity of an uninterruptible system.

    For example, if the output voltage of a 500VA uninterruptible power system is 110V, the maximum current that can be supplied by its product is 4.55A (500VA/110V=4.55A). Exceeding this current means Overload. Another way to represent power is Watt, where Watt is real work (actual power consumption) and VA is virtual work. The relationship between them: VA x pF (power factor) = Watt. There is no standard for power factor, which generally ranges from 0.5 to 0.8. when choosing an uninterruptible power system, you must refer to the PF value.

    The higher the PF value, the higher the power utilization rate, which can save consumers more electricity bills.

    UPS maintenance method
    Never overload your UPS.

    It is recommended not to use UPS to pick up some household appliances, such as electric fans, mosquito traps, etc., otherwise, adverse consequences may occur.

    It is the best maintenance rule to discharge frequently and can be fixed once a month or twice a month, but the discharge method is very simple, just cut the UPS to On, and then unplug the power plug from the wall outlet.

    PS. Just once a month. Don't play it again on a whim after that time. This is wrong. Remind you again.

    Product mix
    Line Interactive UPS? ? ? 400~2KVA
    On-Line UPS? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1KVA~20KVA
    Inverter? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1KVA~6KVA


    Post time: Dec-13-2022