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    Canton Fair I Focus on JONCHN Exhibition being Under Way

    Since April 15, the 133rd Canton Fair is in full swing. The China Canton Fair, known as “the first exhibition in China”, is the largest in history, with an all-time high in exhibition area and the number of exhibitors.

    The number of exhibitors at the Canton Fair reached 35000, with a total exhibition area of 1.5 million square meters, all of which reached an all-time high. Exhibitors and buyers are enthusiastic about the reopening of offline exhibitions at the Canton Fair three years after the outbreak, which will help global trade recover.

    Even on the fourth day of the exhibition, the passenger flow at the booth of JONCHN Group only increased rather than decreased. At the exhibition, JONCHN Electric attracted a large number of global customers and had a heated discussion on its products and solutions.

    New and old customers show significant interest in new products, JONCHN will be a forward-thinking enterprise, committed to providing power transmission and distribution solutions for our partners.

    JONCHN JONCHN canton fair JONCHN canton fair JONCHN canton fair

    JONCHN Group is

    Worth looking forward to!

    The Canton Fair will be extended to the 19th,

    JONCHN looks forward to your visit.

    Post time: Apr-18-2023