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    Electric energy meter | Why is the automatic tripping? Function of ammeter circuit breaker

    On the basis of ensuring the basic electricity consumption measurement, in order to ensure the safety, the intelligent watt-hour meter is not only manufactured in strict accordance with national standards, using qualified materials and technology, but also alarm and power-off functions.

    Smart meters are equipped with overload and short-circuit protection functions to prevent accidental occurrence of lines and watt-hour meters.

    Why does the meter circuit breaker trip automatically?

    Automatic tripping means that when the amount of electricity is greater than the current borne by the meter, the circuit produces an automatic opening and opening of the protection circuit.

    The switch we are talking about is called an air switch, also known as a circuit breaker and a leakage protector. Tripping is a setting of protective properties to prevent overload from destroying the circuit and causing fire.

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    01 High power of household appliances

    High-power appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters and washing machines that we usually use in our homes may cause tripping.

    General high-power appliances refer to appliances that use alternating current of 220 volts or above. Low-power appliances usually do not cause tripping.

    02 Leakage of household appliances

    Not all electrical appliances have leakage protection devices, when the quality of electrical appliances is not up to standard or used for a long time, it will cause leakage and trip.

    Electric energy meter

    03 Voltage instability caused by wiring problems

    The connection is not firmly connected when laying the line, and tripping is caused by unstable connection after electrification or when passing through a large current.

    04 Line aging or random connection

    Especially for some houses that have been built for a long time, after years of use, the aging problem will inevitably occur, resulting in leakage tripping.

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    In order to facilitate the use of electricity, it should be avoided to randomly connect the wires in the home, and the change of the circuit must be operated by professionals.

    How to deal with the trip of protective circuit breaker?

    Do not push after tripping, and do not rush to use electricity, first observe whether the air switch has burn marks, especially when you do not know why tripping can not be pushed directly.

    To judge whether tripping has just been caused by the use of high-power appliances, if there is no possibility of electrical appliances or circuit leakage, first turn off the electrical appliances at home, which can also have a protective effect, it is best to invite a professional door-to-door inspection.

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    Solution to tripping of ammeter circuit breaker

    01 Overload trip

    Tripping caused by the use of high-power appliances, should not be used again, so as to avoid tripping again.

    Electric energy meter JONCHN


    The distribution of electrical appliances on the socket can be adjusted, it is not suitable for high-power appliances to be used at the same time, and the high-power air switch can be replaced within the specified range.

    02 Leakage trip

    After excluding the tripping caused by high-power electrical appliances, professional maintenance should be asked to find out the cause of leakage and solve the problem thoroughly.

    Tips for safe use of electricity

    It is necessary to correctly standardize the use of electricity in daily life so as to avoid harm caused by man-made reasons.

    1.Do not insert too many plugs on a plug board to avoid danger caused by overload of the plug board.

    2.After the use of electrical appliances should be easily unplugged, do not directly pull the wire.

    In particular, all power should be cut off when there is no one at home or when you are away from home.

    3.Do not use wet hands to plug in the power, and do not wipe with a wet cloth, water can conduct electricity, but also to prevent electrical appliances from moisture.

    4.Do not use electrical appliances in thunderstorm weather, you should turn off the electrical equipment at home.

    5.Do not charge your mobile phone all the time, unplug it in time after charging, and unplug the data cable from the socket.

    6.When buying electrical appliances, we should pay attention to the quality, consider the power and the range of electricity used in the home, distribute electricity reasonably, and plug in high-power electrical appliances specially.

    Electric energy meter JONCHN

    Post time: Apr-27-2023