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    How to connect the UPS battery?

    Many friends ask how to connect the UPS battery?This is a small detail that is easy to ignore, but related problems are often encountered in actual projects. In this issue, JONCHN?Electric will answer this question together.

    UPS?battery wiring

    UPS battery wiring

    1. The installation sequence is as follows:

    (1). Determine the installation location of UPS and battery cabinet at the site.

    (2). Install the battery connection cable.

    a. Determine the location of the battery switch, determine the positive and negative pole direction of the battery in the battery cabinet, and install the air switch and terminal on the battery cabinet.

    b.?Start connecting the battery cable and connect the positive pole of the battery to the air switch.

    c.?The battery cable from the next layer to the upper layer should be wrapped with adhesive tape to prevent accidental short circuit and check the tightening of the bolts.

    d.?Finally, the positive and negative poles are clearly separated to prevent the wrong connection.?The positive electrode is connected to the connection terminal from the air switch, and the negative electrode is connected directly from the negative pole of the battery to the terminal.

    e.?Check to see if there is anything irrelevant in the battery cabinet.

    f.?Before connecting the battery cable from the battery cabinet to the mainframe, measure the battery voltage to 103.36V with a multimeter and check whether the positive and negative outlet wires are connected in reverse.

    If there is a battery box, string the battery together and connect to the host as needed.


    2. Multi-battery wiring

    8 battery wiring

    8 battery wiring


    16 battery wiring?16 battery wiring


    Example of UPS?battery wiring

    1. 10KW's UPS?recommends using 6 square wires, and 4 square meters for those below 10KW. Copper cores are needed for wires.

    Miniature circuit breaker

    2. The most important thing to install UPS power is to connect the battery. The key point of connecting the battery is to connect the positive electrode to the negative electrode, connect each battery in series, and then lead to two power cords, one positive electrode and one negative electrode connected to the air switch.

    UPS wiring

    3. The battery power cord can be made into a plug and connected to the UPS?host, and other sockets can be made on the UPS?host.

    UPS wiring4. There are two forms of host input, one is city power access, the other is battery access, city power access is 220V or 380V power access, hot line access L, zero line access N.

    UPS wiring

    5. The battery access host is positive and negative access, the battery positive electrode is connected to the host positive pole, and the battery negative electrode is connected to the host negative electrode.

    UPS wiring

    6. The output terminal is the power supply that can be connected to the equipment, that is, the power supply we finally need. The mainframe will automatically stabilize the voltage to avoid the instrument damage caused by voltage shock.

    UPS wiring

    Post time: Mar-13-2023