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    JONCHN Won the “Top Ten Brands of Intelligent Evacuation”

    On February 28, the China Emergency Safety (Fire Protection) Industry Summit and the Top Ten Brands Award ceremony of the Fire Industry with the theme of "Innovation, Persistence, Cooperation and Win-win" was held in Suzhou.

     China Emergency Safety (Fire Protection) Industry Summit and the Top Ten Brands Award ceremony

    JONCHN?Electrical?once again won the CEIS "Top Ten Brands of Intelligent Evacuation"!

    Top Ten Brands of Intelligent Evacuation

    With the progress of society, fire emergency safety system has been integrated into more new content, with the development of the times, various technologies have been constantly endowed with new wisdom connotations.

    Leaders of industry associations, experts in the field of emergency fire control, enterprise management and industry users gathered together to gather wisdom and suggestions around the new development trend, new situation and new hot spots of the emergency safety industry. We will jointly discuss the general trend of the future development of China's emergency (fire) industry, and jointly explore the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligent technology and the informationization, intelligence and networking of emergency rescue equipment.

    JONCHN Won the "Top Ten Brands of Intelligent Evacuation"

    JONCHN's fire protection products and fire protection solutions provide a favorable safety guarantee for the society.?Scientific and technological innovation is the key, and digital empowerment is the wing.?Through digital technology, JONCHN?has continuously improved the construction of innovation mechanism and production management.?Co-ordinate development and safety, and make efforts in the specialized, accurate and early direction to achieve qualitative interaction between high-quality development and high-level safety.

    CEIS and selection of Outstanding Brands in the Application Field of Emergency (Fire Protection) products are sponsored by China Safety Industry Association, supported by the Professional Committee of Safety Education of China Education Development Strategy Society, the Comprehensive Technology Branch of Building Fire Prevention of China Architectural Society, and other related associations.

    Top Ten Brands of Intelligent Evacuation


    Post time: Mar-01-2023