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    The Past Life and Present Life of Electric Power

    Mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines……

    Electrical appliances are full of human production and life.

    Do you know the past life and this life of electricity,

    as the most important part of it?


    In 1660, Garek of Madelberg invented the first friction motor.

    In 1746, Professor Miusenbrook of Leiden University invented the famous Leiden bottle, which was used to store electric charge.

    Leighton bottle

    Leighton bottle

    In 1752, Franklin and his son introduced lightning into the Leighton bottle with the wire on the kite, proving that lightning and electricity produced by artificial friction have exactly the same properties.

    In 1800, Ford invented the battery. In memory of him, the unit of electromotive force was named Volt.

    In September 1831, Faraday invented the disk generator, and in October of the same year, Faraday invented the motor one after another.

    Faraday, the father of electricity

    Faraday, the father of electricity

    In 1877, after more than 1500 experiments, Edison finally invented the truly meaningful electric lamp in the world, and from then on let the light into thousands of homes at night.

    Edison, the great inventor

    In 1882, Tesla invented the world’s first alternating current generator.

    In the 20th century, with the development of electronic technology and information technology, electric power has become an important symbol of the development of modern science and technology, especially represented by aerospace technology, atomic energy technology and electronic computer technology.

    aerospace technology, atomic energy technology and electronic computer technology

    Through circuit transmission, electricity finally enters thousands of households, and the distribution line is the last link for it to meet with end customers. It is necessary to “dress up” well, safe, efficient and energy-saving.


    JONCHN Group has always adhered to its original intention and focused on the power transmission and distribution industry. Centering on the development strategy of “horizontal relevance and vertical integration”, JONCHN Group has taken root in the transmission and distribution market, focused on the development direction of power transmission and distribution, and ploughed deeply the products of transmission and distribution equipment. Committed to let end users experience the convenience and speed of one-stop transmission and distribution engineering services, so that transmission and distribution become more safe, efficient and energy-saving.

    Post time: May-08-2023