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    Three phases

    EN-22T is a direct connection type of three phase AMI meter on the modular design, which is used to measure electric energy accurately for commercial and residential customers according to the international standards of energy meter. The meter supports varieties communication mediums for remote management with hot swappable communication module such as WIFI/RF/ GPRS/3G/4G/NB-IoT/Wi-SUN/PLC modules etc . Meter can supports multi-protocols, such as DLMS, IEC62056-21, DL645-2007, Mod-bus-RTU,etc.
    EN-22T has plentiful anti-tamper features and irregularities events detection function, like load unbalance, voltage missing, current bypass, phase reversal, neutral disturbance or neutral cut, magnetic tamper, 35kV ESD disturbance, cover open. Meter accuracy will immune or record the events for punitive measurement under these irregularities events. Pushing to ensure utility asset protection and revenue growth.
    It can be utilized for prepayment and post payment applications which is select-able by utility with CIU or remote communication.
    We recommend a thorough reading of this manual before you start any installation, operation, testing or use. The meter is very sturdy and will generally withstand the rough handling it will encounter in the field. However, reasonable care in handling will ensure a long trouble free service. Sufficient care has been taken to provide all information regarding the product. However we will not be responsible for any wrong application, misuse, wrong installation or any consequential damage.

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    Product Detail

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    Mechanical Construction and function


    Technical Features

    1. Energy Registers
    The Meter is capable of measuring Active, Reactive, and Apparent energy, as well as the
    2. Maximum demand and MD Integration Period
    The meter is programmed for Maximum Demand (MD) integration period of 15/30/60 minutes(default is 30 minutes). The demand is monitored during each demand interval set with 15/30/60 Minutes integration and the maximum of these demands is stored as Maximum Demand. Whenever the Maximum Demand is reset, the maximum demand value so registered shall be stored along with date and time. The Universal (0 – 24 Hours) Maximum Demand: A separate register shall be present to record the maximum demand for 24 hours, since last reset known as universal demand register. Meter will compute and register active MD.
    3. Maximum demand reset
    Maximum Demand can be reset by one of the following mechanisms. The supplied meter has one or more of the following options given below:
    a. Through Meter Reading Instrument in the form of an authenticated command.
    b. Automatically at 1st of every month at the time of Billing .
    c . Remote command via PLC communication from data server.
    d. MD reset through push button can be enable or disable before production.
    4. Maximum demand reset counter
    Whenever the maximum demand is reset, this counter is incremented by one and MD reset counter is maintained by meter to keep track of MD reset operations.
    5. Cumulative demand register
    Cumulative demand (CMD) is the sum of all the 0-24 hrs maximum demands which have been reset so far. This register along with MD reset counter helps in detecting any unauthorised MD Reset performed.
    6. Tariff and Time of Use
    Meter supports four tariff and Time of Use function. The tariff and time zone can be set from the local communication port or the remote communication module.
    7. Daily freeze data
    Daily freeze function supports to freeze the every day’s energy data according to the configure date number, It can help utility to analysis the latest daily energy data.

    8. The Load Survey
    Load survey profiling is optional for eight parameters on 15/30/60 minutes interaction period(default is 30 minutes) for default 60 days . The two parameters configured for load survey recording are active forwarded and apparent demand. The data volume can be extended to 366 days for all Instantaneous parameters and billing parameters.
    The data can be read by CMRI or remote communication method. This can be viewed in graphical form and this data can also be converted to a spreadsheet through the BCS or data server.
    9. Data Communication
    The meter has an infra-red coupled isolated serial communication interface and one optional wire port RS485/RS232/M-BUS for local data reading and replaceable module for remote management, which can be WIFI/RF/GPRS/3G/4G/NB-IoT/Wi-SUN/PLC module.
    10. Tamper & irregularities detection & logging
    The special software in consumer energy meter is capable of detecting & reporting conditions of tampers and fraud like current polarity reversal,magnetic tamper, etc along with date and time. The following tampers can be supported:
    1 Missing Potential with Phase Identification: The meter is capable of recording occurrences of missing potential phase wise. Missing potential is checked only when phase current is present more than threshold value and phase voltage is less than threshold value. Tamper is restored whenever the condition normalizes. All such recordings are accompanied by date and time of occurrence.
    2 Current polarity reversal with Phase Identification: The meter is capable of detecting and recording occurrences and restoration of Current polarity reversal of one or more phases.
    3 Phase sequence reversal: When the Phase sequence is reversed, meter will indicator the abnormal connection.
    4 Voltage Unbalance: If there is unbalance in voltage conditions above a particular threshold limit, meter will detect this condition as Voltage unbalance and log this as a tamper event.
    5 Current Unbalance: If there is unbalance in load conditions above a particular threshold limit, meter will detect this condition as Current unbalance and log this as a tamper event .
    6 Current Circuit bypassing: The meter has the capability to record bypassing of one or two Current circuits connected to the meter along with date and time.
    7 Power On/Off: Meter detects this condition when all the voltages go below a particular level where meter stop functioning.
    8 Magnetic Influence: The Meter has the capability of detecting and recording of presence of abnormal magnetic influence near the meter, if the magnetic influence affects the meter functionality.
    9 Neutral Disturbance: Meter will detect neutral disturbance if any spurious signal is applied to the meter’s neutral.
    10 35kV ESD: When meter detects the abnormal ESD application, meter will record
    the event with data and time.
    All tampering and irregularities events will be record in meter memory for reading and analysis.

    11. Load control by internal magnetic latch relay: When meter has the internal magnetic latch relay, it can control the load connection/disconnection by the local logic definition or remote communication command.

    12. Calibration LED
    Meter can output calibration LED pulse for active, reactive, and apparent. The default accuracy LED pulse is for active and reactive energy.
    If meter has requirements for RJ45 port, meter can output accuracy pulse via RJ45.

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