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    XGN□-12 fully sealed insulation gas ring network switch equipment

    XGN□-12 series fully insulated fully enclosed ring network switchgear is SF6 gas insulated metal common box closed switchgear, which can be used by load switch unit, load switch fused combination of electrical unit, vacuum circuit breaker unit, bus line unit and other modules. Use a range of advanced technologies and materials. Has excellent electrical properties and machinery. The performance is affected by the environment and climate, small and compact, easy to install, easy to operate, no maintenance, and a flexible combination. Clear and intuitive design ensures easy operation direct. Feeder wiring capacity is large, suitable for a variety of wiring systems.

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Model and meaning


    Four core competitiveness

    1. Operational safety. Through the following security measures, we can provide users with special security guarantees:
    ◆Integrated three -station load switch
    ◆Circuit breaker adopts load switch instead of isolation switch, which is more safe and reliable
    ◆One-side fully enclosed design provides protection against accidental contact
    ◆Mechanical interlock to meet the requirements of five defenses
    ◆Electricity display can provide instructions for electrification on the incoming and outgoing lines
    2. reliable operation. Fully sealed design, all 10kV switch and bus-bar charged body are sealed in the air box welded with 3mm stainless steel plate; equipped?with silicone rubber cable plug to realize the cable head Edge sealed so that it is not affected by dust, moisture, small animals and other external environment:
    ◆Spring energy storage operating mechanism, can be manually or electrically operated
    ◆Panel model line diagram provides switch position indication
    ◆Cabinet made of galvanized sheet, electrostatic spraying on the surface to enhance corrosion resistance
    ◆The pressure gauge monitors the safe pressure range of SF6 gas in the box
    3. Economicality.
    ◆highly reliable
    ◆Service life up to 20 years
    4. The program is flexible.
    ◆A variety of ways to enter, can achieve left, right, up or forward line
    ◆multiple combinations, any combination between the units can be achieved
    ◆Insulation bus-bars can be used to combine front and back cabinets or cabinets
    ◆Flexible design
    ◆Optional arrangement of spring mechanism and permanent magnet mechanism

    The main technical parameters


    Note: 1, depending on the rated current of the fuse; 2, open breaking 1250KVA no-load transformer; 3, depending on high-voltage fuses;

    Non- extended standard modules

    A total of the following 15 standard combinations
    Each module of XGN0-12 non- expansion standard modular unit cabinets has the following configuration
    ◆D cabinet a lifting module
    Standard Configuration and Features of "Cable Connection Module without Grounding Knife"
    ◆C cabinet one load switch touch block
    Standard Configuration and Characteristics in "Load Switch Modular Block"
    ◆F cabinet-load switch fuse assembly cross section
    "Standard Configuration and Features of Load Switch Fuse Combination Module"
    ◆V cabinet vacuum switch cross piece
    Standard Configuration and Features in "Vacuum Switch Module"
    ◆Capacitive Voltage Indicator for Inlet Sleeve
    ◆Install a pressure gauge for monitoring SF6 density in each air chamber
    ◆lifting lug
    ◆Operation handle
    Electric operating mechanism
    Cable short circuit and ground fault indicator
    Current transformers and meters
    Remote monitoring and connection


    Non-extended standard modules


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