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    XGN□-40.5 Fully-sealed insulated gas-filled ring network switchgear

    XGN□-40.5 fully enclosed and fully insulated inflatable ring network switchgear provides 10 standard combinations, which can meet the application requirements of most 36 ~ 40.5kV distribution networks. LPC- 40.5 is a compact open Close the cabinet, which can provide almost any combination of the selected functional units.
    XGN□- 40.5 fully enclosed and fully insulated inflatable ring network switchgear has interface and user interface, providing a complete switching application solution in 36 ~ 40.5kV secondary distribution network.
    The stainless steel gas chamber of XGN□- 40.5 fully enclosed and insulated inflatable ring network switchgear is filled with SF6 gas,which completely seals all live parts and switches from the outside. This fully sealed system?The internal switch and all live parts are not affected by the changes of the external environment, ensuring high reliability, personnel safety and practically maintenance free.

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    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Place of use

    ◆compact secondary substation
    ◆small industrial and mining enterprises
    ◆wind power plant
    ◆hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, business centers, etc
    ◆C- load switch unit
    ◆D-direct cable connection unit
    ◆De - direct cable connection unit with grounding switch
    ◆F-load switch fuse combination unit
    ◆V-vacuum circuit breaker unit

    LPC-40.5 application


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