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            YB 33KV compact box-type substation

            Combined type of transformer substation is a kind of complete set product integrating voltage switch equipment and transformer with LV distribution equipment. It is usually applied to civic architectures, residential districts, mid- size and small factories , mine and oil fields used as transformation and distribution equipment with characteristic of strong completeness and compact structure, high reliability,low on site workload, short installation period, immovability etc.In addition, its color and exterior can be changed appropriately to adapt to the surroundings and friendly to the environment, it really the idea of success of current urban and rural civil engineering transformers substation. and also is new type complete set equipment for urban network construction and reformation.

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            Product Detail

            Product Tags

            Model and meaning


            Use environmental conditions

            1. Altitude: ≤ 3000m;
            2. Ambient temperature: +40℃-25℃ :
            3.Relative humidity: Daily average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90%;
            4.Abnormal severe vibration or impact;
            5. Environment for installation: Indoors, no fire or explosion danger, no corrosive gas or dust, no sharp impact.
            Note: Please negotiate with us if your product is used beyond the range of above conditions.

            Structural features

            1. This transformer is made up of Switch compartment, low switch compartment and relay protection compartment and transformer compartment. Enclosures of HV, LV switch compartment and relay protection compartment can be made of aluminum alloy plate, steel plate of composite plate. Aluminum alloy plate is an anodize oxidation treated to strengthen its Corrosion stability Steel plate and steel structured parts are all phosphating treated and the composite plate is featured with vivid appearance, heat insulation and fire retardation. The transformer compartment is arranged with safe guard protecting net but not enclosure, which not only guarantees beer thermal diffusivity but also is able to insure person and equipment against accident
            2. HV switch compartment: The HV switch compartment can be mounted with KYN61-33 switchgear or 33KV load switch Aerial cable types available for mounting 33KV inlet wire.
            3. LV switch compartment
            a. when it is 15Kv at low voltage side, the LV switch compartment can be mounted with XGN2- 415.KZNI-15 switchgear, HXGNII 10F.HXGN26-( 10F)Ring main unit
            b.when it is 0.4 kv at LV switch compartment( no preparation of LV switch gear in consideration of space saving) can be series mounted with DW 1sT series, ME series and F frame type circuit breaker as well as DZ20 series, CM series, H series and S series molded case air circuit breaker.
            4. Power off protection compartment: the power off protection compartment is mounted with AC panel. DC panel, signal panel protection panel, motion control panel (RTU), carrier wave machine panel or optical fiber termination set.
            Note: This transformer substation can adopt general relay protection. also microcomputer bused integrated automatic control system is available on request.
            5 Refer to the plan layout and vertical plane layout of transformer of 33KV.

            Plane, elevation layout


            Technical Data


            Typical one -time wiring diagram


            33KV side one-line diagram


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