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            YBM intelligent integrated substation

            This intelligent integrated transformer substation is a nationalized type American box substation developed by JONCHN company. As an important power supply unit in the cable distribution network, it is an integrated prefabricated product of high voltage control, protection, power transformation and power distribution, which is widely used in the urban and rural distribution network. The high voltage load switch and high voltage fuse are put into the transformer oil, so this product has two structure forms of one box and divided box with the transformer body. The oil box is of full-sealed structure with oil temperature indicator, oil level gauge, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and oil drain valve to monitor the operation condition of the transformer. This kind of products has three types of power supply modes ring network type, terminal type and power type. In order to make the product meet the actual demands of the power grid in China better,JONCHN Company promotes plug pull dry type fuse and the fusing of the fuse wire has no effect to the performance of transformer oil. According to the complicated degree of low voltage outgoing demands, this product has three types of enclosure – standard type, reinforced type and integrated type, as a result, the clients and design agents have more choices.

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            Product Detail

            Product Tags

            Model and meaning


            High voltage main circuit common scheme

            1. Ambient temperature: maximum +40℃,minimum-30℃;
            2. Altitude:≤3000m
            3. Wind speed: About34m/s (≤700Pa);
            4. Humidity: Average daily relative humidity≤95%
            Average monthly relative humidity≤90%
            5. Shake-proof: Level acceleration≤0. 4m/s2 ;vertical acceleration≤0.15m/s2 ;
            6. Gradient of installation position:≤ 3°.
            7. Installing environment: ambient air has not been obviously polluted by corrosive or flammable gas,and there is no strong feeling of shock.
            8. Please negotiate with the company when the purchased product is beyond above stipulated conditions.

            Product rated parameters


            Insulation level


            Structural features

            The framework structure of the box enclosure is made of channel steel and angle steel with higher mechanical strength. the enclosure is made of aluminum alloy plate with smooth surface, beautiful?outline and better anti corrosion performance, the base of the box body is 300-600mm higher than the ground.All the doors of the box enclosure are open to outside,and the opening angle is larger than 90° and is set with location device, handles, secret door, as well as built-in locks which have the functions of rain protection, anti-blockage and rust protection. the box bodies are of the full-sealed theft-proof structure. to assure the operation under the normal ambient air temperature, the temperature of all the electrical equipment can' t exceed the maximum allowable temperature, and the box body has enough natural ventilation openings and heat insulation measures. the box body of the prefabricated substation is designed with special grounding conductor, on which there are more than 2 fixed connecting terminals connected to the grounding network and on which there are obvious grounding marks. the grounding terminal is the copper bolt, the diameter of which is not less than 12mm. the grounding conductor is made from copper strip, the current density of which is not higher than 200A/㎜2 and the cross section of which is not less than 30㎜2, and it is guaranteed that there is no overheat and there is no bad effect to the safety of the surrounding objects when the maximum short circuit current passes. the dynamic and thermal stability current that the special grounding conductor endures must be combined with the grounding mode of high voltage power distribution device.

            Transformer performance parameters

            For 10kV prefabricated substation performance level?of?S9,?S10, S11 series oil-immersed transformer


            a. The high-voltage tapping range can be designed to ±2×2.5% according to customer 's requirement.
            b. The low voltage of transformer can be designed to 0.69kV according to customer 's requirement.

            Transformer performance parameters

            Performance parameter of load switch


            Schematic diagram of main circuit


            a. The rated values of plug- in type fuse and backup current limiting fuse are subject to transformer's capacity by manufacturer.
            b.High-voltage charged indicator or fault indicator can be extra installed for incoming line.
            c.High-voltage metering device can be extra installed according to requirement.

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